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The Cycle Syncing Method®

Sync your nutrition and fitness with your cycle to optimize your weight, energy, mood, and productivity. Created by Alisa Vitti.


"The Wellness Trend Every Woman Should Try For A Happier, Healthier Life"

- Vogue


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How it works
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Your Follicular Phase has begun. Focus on cardio for exercise and eat fermented foods.

The Cycle Syncing Method® is the proprietary framework, founded by Alisa Vitti of FLO Living, that matches food, workouts and lifestyle with your cycle phases so that you can feel your best, every day of the month. Period.


Your drive, focus, and energy levels change in every phase of your cycle.

There are specific metabolic and hormone changes that happen in each of the four phases — and they’re totally predictable. When you practice the Cycle Syncing Method®, you will support your mind and body by changing what you eat, your caloric intake, and your workout intensity according to each phase.

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The infradian rhythm creates a 25% change in your brain chemistry over the course of the month.

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Your metabolism speeds up and slows down across your four phases, so what you eat should change in order to optimize your metabolism.

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Cortisol levels peak in one part of your infradian cycle. Pushing yourself through an intense workout can bump up cortisol levels even more, adding to inflammation, disrupting your hormones, and making you feel anxious and unfocused.

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People with female biochemistry need more sleep than men because we have a more complex brain, yet we tend to need less in the way of extreme self-care practices because we have more efficient biology.

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Follicle stimulating hormone


Luteinising hormone

Your Menstrual Phase has begun. Focus on rest and restorative exercise like yoga and eat healthy fats.

Women who practice The Cycle Syncing Method® see real results:


are eating better


experienced weight loss


reduced PMS symptoms


experienced mood


feel more energized

Women operate on a different rhythm — the Infradian Rhythm.

Men's hormone patterns follow a 24-hour circadian clock and womens follow a 28-day infradian clock. This little known biological rhythm, unique to women in their reproductive years, affects your brain, metabolism, stress, immune system, fertility, libido and more. However, most research is done on men, and we’re left trying things that do not support our system.

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Your Menstrual Phase has begun. Focus on rest and restorative exercise like yoga and eat healthy fats.


Learn more about Cycle Syncing® & the Infradian Rhythm

Get Started

Ready to take control of your hormones and get in the FLO?

By tracking your cycle, symptoms, and progress in our app, you can clearly see how you're tracking toward your personal goals. We’ll tell you what to eat, how to modify your workouts, and serve up helpful recommendations based on where you are in your cycle.

Join the 5 million women who are already in the FLO.

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The only hormone health app to include The Cycle Syncing Method®

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Balance your hormones and sync with your cycle for optimal health:




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Practicing cycle syncing

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About Alisa Vitti, Founder and Creator of the Cycle Syncing Method®

While attending Johns Hopkins, Flo Living Founder Alisa Vitti was diagnosed with PCOS. Her doctor painted a grim picture of her future and offered birth control as the only solution. Not willing to accept this as the only option, Alisa went on a quest to find alternative ways to heal. Through this journey, she’s become a thought leader for women’s hormonal health, a pioneer in femmetech, a US patent holder for her tech, and an advocate for gender equality in nutrition research. As a researcher and author, Vitti has published 2 best-selling books—WomanCode and In the FLO. She uncovered the Infradian Rhythm and created The Cycle Syncing Method® which became a viral wellness movement on social with 5 million #cyclesyncing. She’s spoken on every stage from TED to SXSW and has been featured everywhere from the NYTimes to Forbes to Vogue, as well as hundreds of podcasts. Alisa founded Flo Living in 2001 as one of the first femtech entrepreneurs. The next-gen hormone care platform has gone on to help tens of thousands of women get to the root cause of their symptoms with its personalized programs, supplements, and a top-ranked hormone care app. Today, she is focused on shifting the cultural conversation around hormone care and gender inequality in research and biohacking—leading the way to a better future for women’s health.

Daniel Amen

"Alisa Vitti lays out a one-of-a-kind nutrition and lifestyle plan to balance hormones so you can think smarter, feel better, and stress less. Your body and brain will thank you for it."



Psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and 10-time New York Times bestselling author, including Unleash the Power of the Female Brain


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